Federal Contract Consulting in Washington, D.C. & New York City

Plan to Win With Our Government Contract Lawyers

The government contract attorneys at Kernan assist companies in handling government contract issues that arise during the government procurement process. Often, the best way to assist a company is to plan before the solicitation is even issued. We also advise small and large businesses about small business socioeconomic preferences, and the best methods to utilize these arrangements to achieve objectives.

Frequently, the best way to help a company involves requests to an agency to modify inappropriate or unfair solicitation provisions before submitting proposals, or to file a pre-award bid protest to correct solicitation defects. We also help prepare proposals, assess a company's ability to comply with proposed contract terms, devise strategies to preserve intellectual property and other rights through proposal submission, and negotiate contract terms and conditions. We also advise clients on contract performance, technical, cost, and schedule issues. Then, at the end of the contract life cycle, we help clients with contract terminations, audits, and closeouts.

Beyond the comprehensive support described above and litigation services, specific compliance areas where our government contract lawyers can provide consulting assistance are:

•Contract negotiation
•Teaming agreements
•Employee agreements
•Subcontractor agreements
•Procurement Integrity
•Compliance reporting requirements
•Government audits
•Small business and subcontract plan and reporting requirements
•Davis-Bacon Act, SCA, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act compliance
•Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act
•Government contract intellectual property issues
•Cost accounting issues
•Disputes, changes, and subcontract issues
•Government property issues