Constructive by Kernan

Constructive by Kernan

Constructive is part of a rising tide of support for disadvantaged business enterprises.

By telling stories and publishing news and analysis about the issues and industry developments that shape reality everyday, we at Constructive want to arm DBEs and policymakers with the knowledge they need to lift themselves higher.

We inform, enlighten and empower. It is through these efforts that we hope to connect with readers who believe in our mission of meaningful participation in the marketplace of ideas.

"A rising tide lifts all boats," President John F. Kennedy famously said.

But the tide of which he speaks does not rise without the persistence of individuals who search out the truth and celebrate diversity.

The tide of which he speaks will not rise unless we protect the integrity of social programs designed to ensure equal opportunity for all.

The tide of which he speaks will not rise as long as fraud, waste and abuse perpetrated on government procurement agencies continues to undermine our confidence in the principal of fair competition.

The tide of which he speaks will not rise until we, the next generation of American innovators, are heard on Wall Street and main street, in statehouses across the country and in the halls of Congress.

Let's raise our voices and be heard. If you would like to be heard, contact us. What you know could lift someone high enough to see a new horizon. That is the value of your story, and by extension, that is the value of Constructive.

Constructive by Kernan

DBE Truckers: Don’t Take Participation Credit Until You Read This

Truckers who don’t understand how their DBE certification benefits the prime contractor or government agency who hires them are driving blind. After suffering through the painstaking process of obtaining their DBE certification, and subjecting themselves to the audits and regulatory scrutiny that come with it, many truckers don’t know exactly how they’re helping meet the

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Trucking Company Owner and Employee Charged With Defrauding Customers by Impersonating Other Companies

From the USDOT: On January 6, 2019, a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court, Newark, New Jersey, charged Lior Atiyas and Lola Larios with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Atiyas, owner of Premier Relocations, LLC, and Larios, a Premier employee, were arrested on February 11, 2019. The criminal complaint alleges that between January 2016

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Trucking Company Charged With Illegal Transport of Hazardous Materials

 FROM THE US DOT Office of Inspector General On January 23, 2019, Wiley Sanders Truck Lines (Wiley Sanders) was charged by information in U.S. District Court, Central District California, Los Angeles, with three counts of willfully and recklessly transporting hazardous materials (hazmat), specifically, lead-contaminated plastic chips. The information alleges that on three dates—August 10, 2013;

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