Construction Law  in Washington D.C. & New York City

Construction Law in Washington D.C. & New York City

We want to know your business like you do, read your blueprints, visit your job sites and walk in your shoes.

The attorneys who built Kernan are the sons of heavy highway contractors and professional engineers. We know what it feels like to spend the day shoveling gravel. We've operated loaders and dozers, cut rebar and heaved wheelbarrows full of concrete. Our construction attorneys understand the enormous effort it takes to do construction work well. The experience gave us technical knowledge too. Surveyors taught us the value of precision. Master craftsmen taught us to practice our trade with great skill. We admired the pride they took in their work. So we take a similar pride in ours.

The contracting and subcontracting agreements, the bid documents and specifications, the change orders and submittals, the insurance policies and surety bonds, the permits, disclosures and waivers-all the documents that create the invisible legal structure that supports every construction project-our construction attorneys understand in depth. They're the materials of our trade. We use our penetrating knowledge of these materials to build a client's case or provide advice. When we give advice, we give it with an understanding of the realities of the client's business. Unions, powerful project owners and their architects, along with capricious government regulators, are not the enemy. They're obstacles to overcome. Or in the best circumstances, they're allies.

Our clients are the risk takers, the job creators, the makers of the infrastructure and architecture that all of us use but many take for granted. Few understand the risks that construction contractors face. Carelessness on the job can cause accidents or death. Prevailing wage law violations can lead to criminal charges. Bidding mistakes can mean bankruptcy. There are also great rewards, however, when construction companies are run right. Our construction attorneys witnessed the failures and successes. We know the pressure of performance under tight deadlines, suffered the intrusion of government audits, been frustrated by corporate infighting and breached agreements, enjoyed the excitement of late nights putting winning bids together and tasted the victory that is a successfully completed project. Now we share in our clients' victories and help them manage risk.

Our construction attorneys specialize in:

Our construction attorneys specialize in:

•Bidding Disputes
•Construction Claims
•Construction Contracts and Subcontracts
•Construction Surety Matters
•Insurance and Surety Bonding
•Labor and Employment
•Land Use and Permitting
•Lien Law and Trust Fund Matters
•Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation and Appeals
•Prevailing Wage Matters
•Project Development
• Mechanic's Liens
• Bankruptcy
• Government Agency Audits and Investigations
• Criminal Law