Resolve Your Dispute With Kernan and Associates

Resolve Your Dispute With Kernan and Associates

We focus on government litigation in Washington, DC

If you’re involved in a government lawsuit, you need a trusted government contract lawyer by your side. Kernan and Associates focuses on government litigation, and we work with business owners and individuals in Washington, DC who have a government contract. We’ll meet with you to discuss the facts of your case and determine the best course of action.

Retain a government contract lawyer who will stand up for your rights during government litigation—call Kernan and Associates today to schedule an appointment.

We’re on your side

It doesn’t matter if you’re filing a lawsuit or fighting one—litigation can have a huge impact on your ability to conduct business. Call Kernan and Associates today. When you hire us for government litigation, we’ll focus our full attention on your case to help you avoid a time-consuming and expensive lawsuit.

We’ll look at the details of your situation and help you settle your dispute fairly, so you can get back to business. Call us today to speak with a government contract lawyer in Washington, DC.