Government Contract Litigation

Kernan has an A-team of sharp lawyers ready to fight your toughest legal battles. Contract administration isn't easy. People in government make mistakes. It's our job as lawyers to hold them accountable. Don't be intimidated by the government's vast resources and expertise. Bid awards can and do get overturned.

Terminations for default are converted to terminations for convenience. It happens with our help. All you need is a just cause. Together we can make it right.

Construction Law

Our talented Construction Lawyers are skilled collaborators. Skyscrapers and bridges don’t build themselves. Legal cases don’t either. Both take Cooperation and Commitment.

COMMITMENT makes us fearless. We take on powerful interests for our clients.
COOPERATION makes us efficient. Not a minute of our time is wasted on anything that won’t help achieve the best and quickest resolution.

Consulting Services

Kernan consultants have the intellectual horsepower to accelerate the growth of your business. We are Careful and Confident.

As lawyers, we are Careful. We make sure you're in compliance with a myriad rules and regulations. As experienced businessmen, we inspire Confidence. We know the game, its players and how to win contracts.

Welcome to Kernan

Where government contractors of all sizes come for trusted legal advice

After a distinguished career in the Unites States Army and Department of Homeland Security, Patrick Kernan created a law firm with attorneys who appreciate the challenges of owning a business. Our mission is to give clients a competitive edge and an equal opportunity to succeed.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us practical and efficient. Lead our team of professionals toward the result you want. We make collaboration easy and communication convenient and never lose sight of the most important aspect of our representation: in-person conversations with you.

Kernan combines large firm resources and sophistication with the personality and fee structure of a smaller firm.


Kernan and Associates' national government contract practice is focused on federal Procurements. We assist clients with procurement-related bid protests and claims litigation, counseling contractors and owners on a variety of issues, including:

• Bid protests
• Contract claims
• Wrongful termination challenges
• Debarment proceedings.
• Proposal development
• Small business set-aside strategies and compliance
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance
• False Claims Act defense
• Federal procurement integrity and compliance
• Audits and investigations
• Davis-Bacon Act compliance
• Teaming arrangements on federal contracts, including small business set-asides
• Compliant federal small business subcontracting plans
• Buy American Act compliance

The Kernan and Associates Newsletter

The Kernan and Associates Newsletter

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